Albuquerque New Mexico Mother's Kitchen

Coordinators:  Mahadev (Stephen) & Surupa (Margaret) Levine

Our Satsang in Albuquerque has had many versions of Amma’s Kitchen.  We began in the early 2000’s, serving the homeless from our cars around Broadway and Central.  From there it evolved, serving from St. Francis Xavier Church, then through various organizations around Albuquerque.

In 2013, we once again began to serve burritos to the homeless from our cars.  Our core devotees are Allison (Arpita) Hedberg, Steve Beran, Joel Casman, Stephen (Mahadev) Levine and Margaret (Surupa) Levine.  From time to time we welcome new hands.  Suzanne Russell is now taking part.

We meet at the Levine house in Rio Rancho, the 2nd Saturday of the month.  We prepare 108 bean, cheese and salsa burritos. They are then warmed in the oven so that they will be nice and fresh for the homeless.  In addition to the burritos we hand out bottled water and cookies.  Some months the cookies are homemade.

Mahadev and Surupa drive to downtown Albuquerque, park in front of the Good Shephard facility, where we are welcomed by weary, hungry faces, hugs, and “Thank you, you do this for us!”  Those words keep us going.  It never gets old; we get so much from the service to our brothers and sisters.  We are blessed to serve these needy, beautiful souls. 

In addition to our monthly burrito project, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we receive monetary donations from local businesses.  This has enabled us to purchase hats, gloves and socks, in addition to special goodies to pass out along with the usual lunch.  One year a business donated 250 warm socks.  We were able to pass out several pairs, still having many left to pass out the following year. 

Once a year we have left over Hershey's Chocolate Kisses from Amma’s Santa Fe summer program.  We pass them out to the homeless.  Amma’s Prasad is their gift too.

We are grateful to our Guru, Amma for teaching us to look beyond the self and be of service to Her Children.

May Amma’s Grace continue to be with this endeavor of service!

Our Beginning...
In 1996, people inspired by Amma's teachings about serving the poor asked her if they should find a place with a real need and try to help. When Amma said yes, they found a small soup kitchen in west Oakland serving free meals every weekday while operating on a shoestring budget. Mother’s Kitchen began serving hot meals there twice a month, soon adding bagged lunches too.  Very soon, Mother's Kitchens began popping up all over the map, first in Dallas and Seattle, then Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, and we are now at 50 plus in the United States, Canada and Central America, serving over 150,000 meals annually. Our bi-monthly Newsletter will highlight the wide variety of Mother's Kitchens across the country.

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Serving the Hungry . Helping the Homeless . Spreading Amma's Love .

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