New England Mother's Kitchen

New England Mother’s Kitchen currently serves in three locations: Worcester Massachusetts, Lexington Massachusetts, and  Hartford Connecticut (pictured below).

Coordinator of Mother's Kitchen New England, Jill Cole shares about the beginning of her involvement in Mother's Kitchen, which began in Manchester Connecticut and now serves in Hartford: "Mother’s Kitchen in Connecticut first began around 2008 or 2009. I had gone to see Amma for the first time in Boston for a retreat and I fell in love with Amma!  I attended Satsang in Cromwell Connecticut at Babu and Bina's house, I heard Babu speak about starting Mother's Kitchen in Connecticut.

"At the time I was working at a food pantry in Manchester, Connecticut, that also had a shelter and soup kitchen. One day there was a long line of people waiting to receive groceries. They would come in and take a number (very much like Amma's tokens for Darshan) and have to wait quite a long while for their turn.  On this particular day there was a mom and her one year old child sitting far back on the bench.  This child, I could tell, was not feeling well and was probably running a fever and, after about 20 minutes of waiting, had vomited.  I felt so bad for the mom and child. 

"Of course, we helped them as much as possible, and I asked the other volunteer 'Do you think anyone would switch tokens so she could go earlier?'  She said,  'Try and ask,' but she did not think that anyone would switch. So as I was walking back into the back room I said a prayer to Amma, 'Please help this child, Amma!'  A minute later I heard a commotion and discovered that the next number had been called - and even though this woman and her child were about five people away from the front of the line, somehow she had the number on the token that was called! I had to walk away because I had tears in my eyes and knew this was Amma's Grace.

"As I was walking away I thought to myself,  'Is this where we should do Mother's Kitchen?'  And at that moment I looked up to see a small book shelf with about twenty books - and four of those books were Amma books - and I knew what Amma was so beautifully telling us. So that is how Mother's Kitchen CONNECTICUT began!  Thank you, Amma!"

Jayanthi Prasad, Coordinator of Mother’s Kitchen in Lexington, Massachusetts, reflects on the beginning of Mother’s Kitchen, where meals are prepared once a month at her family’s home.  “As Amma says there is no better religion than feeding and serving the poor. Our ancient scriptures also say ‘Annadan’ or serving food to the needy is the most noble act. Mother’s Kitchen in Lexington, Massachusetts, was started in August of 2014 as a humble effort to be consistent with Amma’s core teachings on feeding the needy. We also felt it would be a great way to come together and cook a healthy meal for those most needy in the community prior to the evening satsang held at our family’s home each month in Lexington.

“Mother’s Kitchen in Lexington serves women staying at Waltham’s Women’s Shelter.  These women have been displaced from their homes due to illness, loss of employment, divorce, etc., and are trying to get back on their feet with respect to building financial security. The Waltham Women’s Shelter was chosen because it offers transitional services for women, including pregnant women, who have been displaced and abandoned by their families.

“From the beginning, a conscious decision was made to serve nutritious vegetarian meals.  Each meal is high in protein, has lots of vegetables, and includes fresh fruit. Volunteers have worked with the highest level of dedication and devotion to Amma to cook and deliver meals, donate warm clothing and toiletries for these brave women. With Amma’s Grace, Mother’s Kitchen at Lexington has consistently served Watham’s Women’s Shelter each month from 2014 to the present day.”


Kathleen shares how she became involved in  Mother's Kitchen, serving 'Abby's House' in Worcester, Massachusetts:  "My Mother's Kitchen involvement started as a conversation with a few other devotees during Mother's Birthday celebrations in Marlborough, MA. We all had a feeling and wish to do more for the community, and also find a way to bring our Ashram family closer together in seva. My fellow sevites, Liz and Lynne, were excited to do the same. Personally, after having sevas that involved sitting behind a computer, I had a longing to do a seva where I was more involved in a simple way serving the community, as an extension of my love for Amma. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this seva and hope with Amma's Grace it will continue to expand and grow."

The meal is cooked at the M.A. Center in Boylston Massachusetts, near Boston, before the first satsang of the month, and then delivered to Abby's House.  Photos below show Lynne delivering our Mother's Kitchen meal in October.  "We hope to expand this seva to twice a month soon."


Lynne shares: "On AMMA's Birthday Celebration last year, a small group of us started talking about beginning Mothers Kitchen at the Ashram .  My first thought to myself was, 'I have enough on my plate.'  LOL, I quickly got the message.  Gratitude flooded my heart and I was then committed to serving others a plate of food.  This  Seva has warmed my heart so much.  When I drop off food for the nine women and children at Abby's House, everyone is so happy.  The Oneness  and Love shared by the staff, residents, and volunteers is what I experience cooking for Mothers Kitchen.  THANK YOU AMMA!"


Our Beginning...
In 1996, people inspired by Amma's teachings about serving the poor asked her if they should find a place with a real need and try to help. When Amma said yes, they found a small soup kitchen in west Oakland serving free meals every weekday while operating on a shoestring budget. Mother’s Kitchen began serving hot meals there twice a month, soon adding bagged lunches too.  Very soon, Mother's Kitchens began popping up all over the map, first in Dallas and Seattle, then Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, and we are now at 50 plus in the United States, Canada and Central America, serving over 150,000 meals annually. Our bi-monthly Newsletter will highlight the wide variety of Mother's Kitchens across the country.

Join us to make a difference. Check the Mother's Kitchen closest to you here >>.

Serving the Hungry . Helping the Homeless . Spreading Amma's Love .

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