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Rockville Maryland Mother's Kitchen

For about 20 years, on the first Saturday of each month, Mother’s Kitchen volunteers, inspired by Amma, have prepared and served a healthy vegetarian meal for the residents of a homeless women’s shelter in Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC. This shelter is run by a non-profit social service agency which is funded primarily by the county government with additional funding from a broad range of faith groups. It is the only emergency shelter for homeless women in the county.


Rockville Maryland Mother's Kitchen Team

We provide a quinoa dish, another vegetarian main dish, a hot vegetable dish, a hot soup, a green salad, a fruit salad, and occasional sweet treats. The shelter staff has requested that we limit refined carbohydrates because of the number of residents with certain health conditions. We prepare the food in our homes because the shelter does not have a full kitchen. We send out a Doodle sign-up sheet two weeks before the scheduled date, and volunteers sign up for what they would like to bring. There are about twenty volunteers on our email list and about 10 people volunteer to prepare and/or serve each monthly meal.

Until January 2017 the shelter had 30 residents and was located in an old warehouse building. It had a small area for storing and serving food, an office for the staff, a lounge, a shower/toilet area, and one room with 15 bunkbeds. In January 2017 the shelter moved to a new building which can accommodate 70 homeless women. It has two large dining areas as well as dorm rooms with single beds. Mother’s Kitchen serves a meal for 35 women and another community group provides a meal for the other 35 women. Upstairs in the same building are social and health services.  

This was a wonderful new space for the women until a sewer pipe broke in June. The residents were moved out, the area was cleaned and repaired, and they moved back in about a week later. A few days after that the sewer pipe broke again and flooded the shelter. The residents were moved to an alternative site. During this time, Amma DC Satsang members donated bottled water, towels, and laundry detergent as well as cash.

To everyone’s great relief the shelter re-opened in Sepember. 2017 and Mother’s Kitchen is very happy to resume serving meals.


Our Beginning...
In 1996, people inspired by Amma's teachings about serving the poor asked her if they should find a place with a real need and try to help. When Amma said yes, they found a small soup kitchen in west Oakland serving free meals every weekday while operating on a shoestring budget. Mother’s Kitchen began serving hot meals there twice a month, soon adding bagged lunches too.  Very soon, Mother's Kitchens began popping up all over the map, first in Dallas and Seattle, then Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, and we are now at 50 plus in the United States, Canada and Central America, serving over 150,000 meals annually. Our bi-monthly Newsletter will highlight the wide variety of Mother's Kitchens across the country.

Join us to make a difference. Check the Mother's Kitchen closest to you here >>.

Serving the Hungry . Helping the Homeless . Spreading Amma's Love .

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